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Free Virtual Consultation

Photo Assessment
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Photo Organizing Assessment Process

We offer a complimentary, no obligation 20-min phone consultation to discuss your project and better understand the scope of what you need.

Our initial conversation will give us a sense of your current photo situation, your goals and desired outcomes. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about our process, how we work with your photos and tell us what you are hoping to accomplish.

Following the consultation, the next step is to book a 1 hour Photo Assessment session, which can be done at your home or in some cases we can accomplish it virtually via GoogleMeet (we will advise on the best format for this session during our consultation).  This allows us to see your photos, your device settings, photo quantities and types in order to determine how much work is needed and develop the best plan for your goals.


There is a one-time fee of $150 for this session, which helps us provide a more accurate quote back to you as part of your plan. After the session, we will create your personalized Photo Management Plan & Quote with recommendations for your photos, regardless of their format. 

Once the quote is approved, we can start working on your photos and we follow a multi-step process for every project:


  • COLLECT:  we gather your photos from all sources into one central location, inventory them and make a backup of your files (for digital) before we start working on anything

  • CURATE:  we sort and cull your photos down to only the ones that need to be organized, removing duplicates and other photos you don’t want included in your collection

  • CUSTOMIZE:  here we categorize & organize your photos into one cohesive collection

  • SHARE: we deliver your final collection of photos back to you, either in photo storage boxes or on an external hard drive (or both), with instructions on how to maintain your files and implement a backup system moving forward.

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