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Decluttered LLC Services page

Decluttered™ LLC Home Organizing Services 

*Not all services are available in all locations

declutter & organize
Declutter & Organize

Unclutter & Organize

Decluttered DFW Team organizers organizing a playroom

Living a clutter-free and organized life can make every day feel less stressful and overwhelming. Whether at home or at work, the Decluttered™ team is here to help you achieve your organizing goals. We will sort, help you let go of clutter and organize the things you love. And because we offer a maintenance program, we won’t leave you when life gets busy!

We help with all spaces in the home and small business, including but not limited to the pantry, kitchen, laundry room, primary bedroom & closet, kids bedrooms & closets, spare bedrooms & closets, toy rooms, office & office closets, attics, garages and storage units. Please note that we only work on attics, garages and storage units from late September to mid-June.
Decision fatigue is real! We work 5-6 hours per day because making decisions can wear on you. Even for our clients not as involved, this is more than enough time for us to get a lot done! Continued feedback from our clients speaks to how amazed they are about what we can get done in a short amount of time.

Rates & Pricing

Moving Service

Moving / Unpacking & Organizing Service

Decluttered DFW team organizer unpacking moving boxes in a garage

Let us help you take the stress out of moving! Whether you are moving locally, relocating elsewhere, or maybe just need help packing or unpacking and organizing during a remodel, we can help you manage the entire move process from start to finish!  


We offer specific move management packages based on what your needs are, no matter how big or small. We start with a quick, free 15 minute conversation to assess your overall needs and explain how we work during the moving process.


The key to any move or remodel is to be excited about your new home or space and having us manage this process will do just that! We can help you with letting go of clutter, coordinating the packing and actual move, an onsite concierge service on moving day and unpacking and organizing in your new home. Our end goal is to make sure you have systems in place to live a more organized life! 

Rates & Pricing

shelf liner installation
Shelf Liner Installation

Shelf Liner Installation

Decluttered DFW Organizers installing shelf liner in a drawer

We know when clients move or remodel, they want to protect their newly painted and/or installed shelving and drawers. We offer installation of a clear, ribbed shelf liner sold by The Container Store®. Over the years, we have found that this is the best shelf liner and it has the flexibility to stay in one place without sticking.


We will purchase this ahead of time and only charge you for the rolls used, and we have all the tools to cut the liner properly. We do recommend having us come in before the movers or unpacking begins so that we can get this done as efficiently as possible.

Rates & Pricing

realtor packages
Realtor Packages

Realtor Packages

Realtor DFW Packages.png

We love helping local realtors give the gift of home organizing!  We can help your client with any part of their moving process and are happy to work with you on a more tailored package based on your/their needs.

Please inquire by calling 682-651-5532 to learn more about what packages we have offered in the past. Packages range from $300-$1000.

maintenance program
Maintenance Program

Home Organizing Maintenance Program

Decluttered DFW Organizer holding an organized pantry basket during a home maintenance job

Our home organizing maintenance program is for clients and home or business spaces we have already organized. We know life gets busy and things can change. Many changes we encounter are kids growing older, adopting a pet, elderly parents needing more assistance, rotating seasonal wardrobes, work season is particularly busy and the list goes on! This typically means tweaking or updating your organizing systems. With our home organizing maintenance services, we help you through all the year’s transitions and tidy up the spaces we’ve already organized.


 We typically schedule for 3 hours with one professional organizer, per individual maintenance session. However we can also work longer if needed.

Rates & Pricing

photo organizing
Photo Organizing

Photo Organizing Services

Do you know where all of your photos are? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of them being spread out across multiple places and devices?

Have you ever thought to yourself the following...

Disorganized printed photos
Digital photos on smartphone
Blue Bubble 5.png
Blue Bubble 3.png
Blue Bubble 4.png
Blue Bubble 6.png
Blue bubble 1.png
Blue Bubble 2.png

Photographs represent our life moments, both big and small and allow us to share our memories with others and preserve our legacy for the next generation. But unfortunately, if they are stuck in your phone, an old laptop or hidden away in a box in your attic, you are missing out on the stories those photos were meant to tell! 

Just like with organizing your home, we understand that even starting the process of organizing your photos can feel like a daunting task, and that may have prevented you from getting started already.


With our professional photo organizing services, we can help you let go of unnecessary photo clutter, organize your memories in a way that makes sense for your needs and eliminate any anxiety knowing that your photos are being stored and backed up and you have a system that allows you to access them for years to come.

Photo Organizing Services Information
Digital photo organizing info
Do you have thousands of images stored on your phone or scattered across multiple devices? Do you search endlessly trying to locate images from specific events or dates? Fluent in both Mac and PC technology, this service will consolidate all of your digital photos from various sources (CD’s, old laptops, phones, external hard drives, etc) into one central location where we remove duplicate files and blurry pics and then organize your collection chronologically into one master photo library with an organized file structure on an external hard drive. We can also organize your photos within Apple Photos or other platforms that you already use, making the process that much easier on you. Additional services include: adding keywords to your files and re-naming your files according to your preferences. 
Print photo organizing info
Print Photo Sorting.png

Do you have boxes of old family photos and don’t know what to do with them? Are your childhood photos just collecting dust in your storage closet? We know the idea of organizing YEARS (sometimes decades+) of photos can seem overwhelming, but those old photos sitting in cardboard boxes are the one thing that do NOT get better with age! We have a highly efficient process where we gather, sort, curate and categorize all of your loose printed photos, along with album pages, negatives and more into an organized physical collection, which can be done chronologically by year/month or by key themes/events (or a combination of both). We also offer functional and beautiful archival photo storage boxes that are labeled to preserve your precious prints for years to come!  


We can work with you side-by-side or take the project totally out of your way..

scanning and digitizing services info
Photo Scanning image.jpg

Do you have photos stored away in albums, frames and bins that you wish you could access at the click of a button or easily share with others?


Our digitizing services allow you to preserve and back up all of your printed photos and memorabilia. We specialize in high-speed scanning which creates an efficient way for us to scan your photos in and turn them into high-quality digital files. We have the ability to scan loose photos, negatives, slides, album pages and various memorabilia. This includes things like your kids’ artwork, old recipes and other flat items that you wish to preserve digitally. All photos and memorabilia are handled with white glove service and cared for while in our possession, using archival methods and best practices for professional photo preservation. 

memorabilia organization & storage services info
Memory Box.jpeg

Do you have a box full of memories from old plane tickets to letters that you want to save, but wish they were organized better? 


Depending on the size of your memorabilia collection, we can make recommendations on archival-quality storage products that will contain your precious memories, and we can organize/ and label it all within those boxes too!  

Collecibles Advising

Collectibles Advising

Decluttered LLC Owner, Kiera Malowitz analyzing collectible jewelry

It’s always those last treasures left behind that we hope are worth something, that a family member has passed to us or that we want to make sure it goes to the right home. It may be jewelry, coins or a collection of items, and our goal is to connect you with the right resources, collectors, auction house or buy your items outright. The best part of this service is that we only help you if we think we can get you more money than you can get on your own.


The fee for this service is typically paid by our various service partners that we work with through The Keys Guild, a membership-based program for Professional Organizers and Move Managers. This is a nationwide service that allows us to make recommendations all over the country on different resources and connections to help you, while also using local resources.

Rates & Pricing

Collectible items evaluated by Decluttered DFW
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