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5 Professional Organization Tips For After Back to School Season

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Back-To-School organizing is so much fun, but what comes after?! While I was able to “check” off things on my lovely back-to-school checklist for everything my kids needed for school and everything I needed to do before school started, now is no time to stop!

Here are 5 professional organization tips for parents that you should be doing now that school is back in session.

Tip #1 - Organize your calendar

Now that the kids are in school, it always feels like the first 2-3 weeks reveal more dates about activities and exams for school. Now is the time to make sure this new information does not conflict with anything you’ve already scheduled. In your attempt to get organized, maybe you scheduled a dentist appointment during an exam rather than during PE (I’m not speaking from experience or anything like that!) ;)

Tip #2 - Schedule Self Care

You may wonder what could self-care have to do with organizing? But the truth is, if you don’t make time for self-care now, then it may not go well the rest of the school year. It’s only going to get busier! Sit down and schedule something for you on a monthly basis. It could be a Starbucks coffee date with a fellow school mom or a massage - it doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or time consuming. The point is to just do it!

Tip #3 - Evaluate systems in your home

The thing about organization is that it's ongoing. That’s why at Decluttered™, we strive to “organize your everyday." Habits change and kids can handle more, so there may be an opportunity to update or organize your command center. Or maybe something that was put in place is no longer working. I recently changed one of my three drop boxes for paper (I have 3 kids) to have an option for incoming mail. I didn't have room for a 4th drop box and my oldest teen child really needed her drop area in her room because that is where she unpacks her bag. It made sense for her and me to make this change.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to evaluate the systems you have in place. Are the papers landing in a place that you don’t want them to? Is homework a struggle because there are too many distractions? There are lots of answers to these challenges, but only one that works for you and your family in that season, so evaluate and adjust the system accordingly.

Command Center for School Papers and Mail
Command Center for School Papers and Mail

Tip #4 - Declutter and donate

You had to know this one was coming! This is a good time to go through everything while the kids are not around, especially the younger ones. With tweens, teenagers and college-aged kids, it’s good to get their involvement but for the younger kids, my recommendation is to always work on it without them. We’ve organized MANY playrooms and game rooms and each time the kids arrive home, they are so HAPPY that we’ve organized their space. They don’t even notice there is anything missing and can now find everything more easily!

Tip #5 - Find a Professional Organizer Near You! (i.e., me!)

Many times the focus for before school is getting the pantry, kids closets and playrooms organized FOR school. But now, think about all of the other spaces you need to tackle. If you google "professional photo organizer near me" or "garage organizer near me" or whatever space you are looking for help with, it's easy to get this lined up! September through December are a Professional Organizer’s busiest time of the year due to people wanting to declutter and organize before the holidays, so you'll want to get on the schedule asap.

Always feel free to schedule a consultation here if you need help with your home, small business, photos, moving and more. We are here to help!

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